Saturday, November 12, 2011

You Are A River

My friend, you are like a river
Following the bends at the base of the mountains
A heart conceived and birthed at the feral peaks
Now the beginnings of a life-giving fountain

You are the rain that fell in a violent storm
Like the weeping of heartbroken clouds
You are the snow that fell in the darkest night
Alone, but not unseen
And as a water remembers where it has been
Friend, you are a river that grieves

You are the peaceful chaos of a waterfall
The beauty and mystery of a diving cascade
Yielding to the current that can never go back
Abandoning your yesterdays

You are the winding path that reaches ahead
Carving into the face of the earth
Streams bearing Hope and streams bearing Vision
These are the veins that bleed
A water that now knows where it is going

Friend, you are a river that sees

You are the rocky shoreline, the warming sand
The moss-covered cliffs that loom
You are the floating flecks of gold in the sunlight
The dancing glitter in the light of the moon

You are the scent of the soil, the feel of the breeze
The journey to an unknown land
And now drinking these waters and ushering them past
Merely trees on the riverbank, are we

Out of the storm on the mountain into the promise of the canyon

Now, you are a river that feeds

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  1. this is beautiful. I can't believe I am just now reading. AMAZING!